1000 Years of Cryosleep

by Ajna & Dronny Darko




released January 25, 2014

Excellent one track album from Ajna and Dronny Darko.
Recorded & Composed: November 2013 to January 2014
Genre: Drone, Dark Ambient, Ambient
Cover Design by Ajna Text by Dronny darko

Ajna is a sound artist from New York.He’s been experimenting with multiple genres of electronic music since 1997.
The Ajna project began early 2008 and was created during his first trip to Europe.Ajna touches upon genres such as ambient,drone,dark ambient and experimental.
Ajna’s goal is to capture the presence of the subconscious mind,the surrealistic qualities of nature and the beauty of isolationism.

Dronny Darko is an ambient driven, drone influenced synthetic music junkie from Kiev, Ukraine.
As a part of the band “MegaMass” performing prog metal mixed with ambient and sampled textures, he always liked non rhythmic sound stories and landscapes,
though did not have enough time to sit and get drown in those warm and blurry waves.
Dronny Darko adores well produced dark atmoshere and sustained sounds of the genre,
that makes it hypnotic in a good sense. The darker, the better



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