(440) nord​-​tempête

by December Nightskies and nobodisoundz




released April 11, 2016

"nord-tempête" is a dark ambient split album from December Nightskies and nobodisoundz.

Track 1 and 3 by nobodisoundz
Track 2 by december nightskies
Cover art and album/track titles by nobodisoundz

The nobodisoundz project was born in 2008 (with a reference to the character of “Nobody “in Dead Man, a Jim Jarmusch film) I first started this sound-making project by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings and the results of my fiddling with some software.
These sounds completed my works and added an atmosphere within and around my paintings, subsequent installations and videos. With time, these sounds have gained a more and more important place and have become self-sufficient, no longer requiring any other medium. I look for dense, heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and quiet atmospheres, which have to be both dark and bright at the same time.

December Nightskies
December Nightskies is a dark ambient/drone band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA.
Black Winds was Kendall's first dark ambient/drone band.
Shadows On The Snow is Kendall's band with Venus Vulture.
Something Like Squids is Kendall's band with Charlie Naked.
You can find more of his releases HERE




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