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(445) Voglio vedere le mie montagne (ich mo​̈​chte meine Berge sehen)

by Giacomo Salis, Mauro Sambo and Paolo Sanna




released April 20, 2016

Giacomo Salis, Mauro Sambo and Paolo Sanna Collaboration

Giacomo Salis - percussion
Paolo Sanna - percussion
Mauro Sambo - live electronics, electronics, double bass,
soprano sax, bass clarinet

"Voglio vedere le mie montagne (ich möchte meine Berge seen)"
Is dedicated to Joseph Beuys
The title is from one of his installations.

Dedicated to Joseph Beuys
"I want to see my mountains" were Segantini’s famous last words but, at the same time, they also refer to a work by Joseph Beuys. In fact, this is the title the German artist uses to initial one of his most important and complex works, a living testament to his art, which in some ways is also one of his most scholarly and pedantic pieces. Beuys contrasts Segantini’s romantic roots with war, while the mythological image of the dying master is overlapped by a young and restless Beuys.
The window from which Segantini sees his mountains becomes the door of a cupboard, through which as a boy he used to see a black man emerge, while the Alpine landscape corresponds to a narrative made up of objects neatly arranged in space and everyday materials that refer to the artist’s basic personal mythology. In the background, the Second World War, psychoanalysis and anthroposophy.[...]

Noah Stolz, introductory text to the “Voglio vedere le mie montagne” exhibition, MA*GA, Gallarate

Mauro Sambo was born in Venice in 1954 and has been living there since. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His work often straddles the fine lines that separate music, sculpture, drawing, installations and performances. Among the major exhibitions he has taken part in, his participation in the XLIV Venice Biennale "Open 90" certainly deserves to be mentioned. He plays wind instruments, hits skins, tortures his double bass, and is interested in playing and manipulating electronic instruments. He has released several albums. In some he plays alone, in others he collaborates with musicians from all around the world.

Giacomo Salis
Drummer and percussionist, for some time deals with the study of the cut-up sound and research electronic noise.
Founder of the band crossover Chemical Marriage, employed the project "Viaggio al centro del cinema", a reworking of some Italian soundtracks. He also played in the Mod Soul Jazz band The Dancefloor Stompers. Always interested in the relationship between music and image, he has initiated the project Lady Radiator, which plays music for the first feature film by David Lynch's "Eraserhead", which is presented in various festivals. Currently he carries out the project My problem Child (music performances and video - installations), and deals with radical improvisation / experimental music in duo with percussionist Paolo Sanna.

Paolo Sanna
Drummer/Percussionist. Sound performer.Independent artist.Musician, Improviser & selfnoisemaker...
Drum/percussion teacher.
He is interested in the sound, silence, noise, experimentation, musical research and decontraction.
He plays Prepared Drum/Percussion set, Objects and...




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