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(452) Via malorum

by BrianClaim & Hellday

Via Malorum 07:20



released May 7, 2016

One-man project from Russia, which was founded in 2013. Hellday is specializing on creation of deep and dark atmospheric soundscapes reaching it by experiments with the different kinds of field recordings. Also he uses analogue synthesizers, guitars, singing bowls and other different ethnic music instruments as well as everything that can make a sound.
Real name: Jaroslav Brysov

BrianClaim is Jan Binar, born in 1993, Czech Republic. What I love is doing music for amateur theatre performances, also crumbling through mountains can be considered my hobby. Mainly, I fancy experimenting with sounds and music generally. Renoise is the software I have always been using for modifying sounds, playing with plugins and synthesizers. Therefore, you may have already figured out that I am just a stupid PC nerd. What always pays off for me is the dark ambient since it lets me to express what browses through my imagination and somewhat forces me to put everything into the music. Whenever you mention „BrainClaim“ you cannot really fit this name into just one genre since I have been working with many. I can’t say I am a proper musician, though. I never played any musical instruments and nor do I nowadays, but that does not matter to me since what I do is to bring something new into music industry, something that nobody has ever heard before… Which music I love: Most of the time, I listen to progressive house/trance, (uplifting) trance and psytrance. Besides, I fall for classical music if it concerns Vivaldi, Beethoven or Mozart.
cover art by @bredis (vk.com/bredis8)




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