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(487) Moment

by Matthew VandenBrook

Moment 59:55



released September 30, 2016

Matthew VandenBrook was born in metropolitan Detroit in 1972, just in time to witness the environment around him begin to rust away. Gone was the magic of Motown. Factories closed, people moved. Such was life. As a child of the seventies he listened closely to his parents record collection but found very little that connected spiritually with him until the day he discovered his parents soundtracks to the films 2001: A Space Odyssey. The drones that washed over that album spoke directly to his soul and stirred a lifelong obsession for music that was electronic in nature. Then when Matthew discovered post punk mtv in the early 80’s there was absolutely no doubt that music would play a central role in his life.
In 1991 Matthew purchased his first sampler / synthesizer (a Casio FZ1 which he still owns) and immediately set to work programming industrial and noise works. After a short time in a local Goth band Matthew returned to the world of electronic music and began producing industrial and electronica works. By the early 2000’s electronica has lost much of its luster and Matthew began sliding to the periphery once again, furthering his musical exploration within the worlds of noise, drone, ambient, and experimental music.

•Economics, Religion, Apathy, The Prophet, The Temple, and Insanity (1996) (Remastered 2016)
•Twilight for Noise (1997) (Remastered 2016)
•The Patron Saint of Mediocrity (1998) (Remastered 2016)
•Reflections (2000)
•Io (2003) (Remastered 2016)
•Transubstantiation (2006)
•The Sankha and the Vajra (2007)
•Delete / End (2008) (Remastered 2016)
•All he knew was that he must escape (2008) (Remastered 2016)
•No Longer Human (2009) (Remastered 2016)
•Kleptocracy (2009) (Remastered 2016)
•Control (Original Recording 2009)
•Altered Frame (2009) (Remastered 2016)
•The Year of November (2010)
•Control (Re-Recording 2011)
•Lekker (2011) (Remastered 2016)
•A Singleness of Intention (2011)
•316689 + Communion + Response (2012)
•Index (2012) (Remastered 2016)
•Transience (2012)
•Lapsing Into Silence (2012) (Remastered 2016)
•Wrong Turn (2012) (Remastered 2016)
•Visions (2013) (Remastered 2016)
•Deursigtigheid (2013) (Remastered 2016)
•Sleepwalker (2013)
•Adaptations (2013) (Remastered 2016)
•State of Decay (2013) (Remastered 2016)
•Acid Mothers (2013) (Remastered 2016)
•Awaken (2014) (Remastered 2016)
•Relationships with Noise (2014) (Remastered 2016)
•Without Sin (2014) (released via weareallghost)
•At Night / Breathe (2014) (released via Silent Flow)
•Cycle of Violence (2014) (released via Flotjie Digital)
•Transcendental (2014) (released via Flotjie Digital)
•Sound then Silence (2015) (released via weareallghost)
•Extropy (March 18, 2016) (released via weareallghost)




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