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(496) A playback error has occurred

by Edø Pistø Sømi

pingo 03:09
humalassa 07:34
k-complex 09:22
ostracism 08:14



released November 20, 2016

Knob-twiddler in the field of experimental music, fond of all possible links between sound and
psychology, undergoing multiple ambient/noise/psychoacoustic creative projects plus -within the
scientific community- currently approaching sounds and frequencies to be applied in several
alternative cognitive-behavioral therapies in the treatment of various forms of OCD, freely and
originally inspired by some tests conducted by Jean Piaget in the 40s of last century.
The free downloadable album “Error : dot: can't open” on Hortus Conclusus Records has been
included in David Nemeth's Top100 list of CC experimental albums for 2015.
Other EPS releases are on netlabels as Institute For Alien Research, Casissima Music (with the
90's chiptune combo xxluvsx) and some future projects will be out soon on the brand new italian netlabel Solchi Sperimentali Discografici.

Album description
The new album represents another complex stage on a way of creating a new cyberspace-fueled
parallel ambient reality, and hey, these are no mere buzzwords of yesteryear but definitely
applicable in terms of the architecture, wideness and tectonic soils. There is a deep simultaneity of
the eclectic layers and whatever the current of a track, it never feels overloaded or out of control.
The hollow distance, the black nonentity and nightmarish allegory are perceptible all the time and
serve as oxygen to utter silence and blackness. But until this very state is reached, the warbled
wonkiness of the concrete faux-reels bursts at the seams and emanates a steam of colors and visions
which flow in its virtually erudite physiognomy and embracing poetic solemnity.




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