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released May 14, 2017

CWN (Comfort Within Noise) is one guy, who is known for incorporating his guitar, and bass playing styles (influenced by Blues/Psychedelic/Prog-rock/Metal/Funk/Jazz) styles into, trip-hop - hip-hop, Jungle - Glitch, Glitch-Dub - Trip-Dub. Most of his music is instrumental pieces unless he is working on a collaboration with are vocal artist. CWN feels its best to give the listener a chance to let their imagination take them on its own journey with his multi spectral instrumentals rather than to guide you through the journey with lyrics....

Ian Haygreen is a classically trained pianist.
In 2014 he started making electronic music in different genres. 

Back in the almost mythical era that it is known as the 1970s and early 1980s I was taught classical piano and composition when I was terribly young. Then in the 80s the dread teenage years hit and other things suddenly became more important and music was all but dropped for a few years, although I did keep my hand in doing occasional scores for local choral groups and the odd string quartet now and again.
Then a few short years ago I discovered the wonders of DAW systems and the ability of creating my own electronic music from the comfort of my own sofa without the pesky need for £1000s worth of equipment. And I haven't looked back since.
The first album I bought was Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene in 1977. I'd heard it played on the radio and had never heard anything like that before on popular radio. I was entranced. So armed with pocket-money I started hunting down interesting things to listen to. Since most of the records I discovered weren't played on the radio it was all trial and error. The next album I purchased was Tangerine Dream's Rubycon, based solely on the album cover and description. I was hooked. From there I discovered the delights of Krautrock, prog rock, and artists like Conrad Schnitzler, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Popol Vuh, Logic System, YMO, Art of Noise, and so on.
I was already familiar with with Delia Derbyshire (Doctor Who theme), Daphne Oram (BBC Radiophonic Workshop founder), Morton Subotnick (film soundtracks), Stockhausen and the like and I still retain a huge fondness for those early 50s and 60s electronic experimentation.

Comfort Within Noise

Ian Heygreen

May 2017




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