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(555) L'Oxymore

by Peri Esvultras

Le Fusible 09:11
L'Opinion 08:11
L'Âge 07:43
La Glissade 10:26
Le Pignon 05:35
Le Plomb 06:11
Le Vent 10:16
L'Oxymore 07:03



released August 22, 2017

Liner Notes :

Most of Peri Esvultras compositions are built like short electroacoustic dark ambient symphonies, which takes elements of Industrial, drone and noise music without being any of those genres. Peri Esvultras is a sonic project closer to sound art generally made out of manipulated metallic sources - no real instruments - which are then intuitively reassembled together through improvisation and editing (collage) involving much trial and errors.
'L'Oxymore' can be considered as the darkest and the most orchestral work by Peri Esvultras - the end of the album is like an aria in two movements.

The inspiration for this album finds its roots in the idea that opinions are of a very malleable fashion and it works in some circular way depending on the context, the age of the person or of the era, the wind of concepts and ideas which are blown in and out of our minds in the most slippery manner through medias, parents, schools, clans of friends and acquaintances, where the beginning of our thoughts is their ends and the end of our thoughts is their beginnings like some centripetal oxymoron.

It sounds better with a good pair of headphones.

Your patience will be rewarded.

Everything made and done by Peri Esvultras.

Short bio :

Peri Esvultras is a Belgian self-taught musical solo project, which started in 1998 with a naive plunderphonic journey called 'Schlebreumer'. Fifteen years later, Peri Esvultras was excavated from under a pile of dust to get further into more sonic exploration and intuitive composition running the gamut from dark ambient noise to chaotic electroacoustic soundsculptures through some Krautrockish analog synths escapades with 'Variance'. After the 6 albums series 'Foyer', Peri Esvultras has embarked into a new series called 'Ville'.





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