Ajna & Massergy - Beyond The Abyssal Plains

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released March 12, 2014

Recorded & Composed: October 2013 to January 2014
Genre: Drone, Ambient
Cover Design by Ajna
We are proud to present a really great collaboration album from Ajna & Massergy
Recorded & Composed: October 2013 to January 2014

1)Beyond The Abyssal Plains I (6:50)
2)Beyond The Abyssal Plains II (7:44)
3)Beyond The Abyssal Plains III (7:07)
4)Beyond The Abyssal Plains IV (7:14)

Bonus Tracks:

5)Ivory Ember Sorrow (Ajna) (8:00)
6)Prayer Flags (Massergy) (6:18)

Track 1-4 by Ajna & Massergy
Track 5 by Ajna
Track 6 by Massergy

Cover design by Ajna

Ajna is a sound artist from New York.
He’s been experimenting with multiple genres of electronic music since 1997.
The Ajna project began early 2008 and was created during his first trip to Europe.
Ajna touches upon genres such as ambient,drone, dark ambient and experimental.
Ajna’s goal is to capture the presence of the subconscious mind,
the surrealistic qualities of nature and the beauty of isolationism.
MASSERGY is the working name of musical hobbyist Eric Jensen.
Born in Chicago, Eric is a self-taught synthesist and composer of ambient soundscapes.
MASSERGY was originally created to honor Jensen’s late brother, an electronic musician who was killed in 2002.
Without a musical background or training of any kind, Eric set out to interpret and expand upon his brother’s ideas.
Jensen spent nearly ten years crafting a style and developing his own methods of programing,
composing and recording before choosing to release music to the public.

MASSERGY’s repetitive and melodic arrangements feature bold tones and warm textures that are reminiscent of early ambient music.
Bypassing common standards of production, Jensen favors a blurry, distorted and resonant sound character.
Eric performs and captures all of his music nocturnally in a makeshift open-air studio located in the woods.
The music of MASSERGY has been described as spiritual, transcendent and other-worldly.
Ajna info page: petroglyphajna.wordpress.com
Massergy Info page : petroglyphmassergy.wordpress.com



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