Animal Instincts

by SWS




released November 2, 2015

This work is made of four low-­‐budget short-­‐films. each of them has an independent story, however they're related thanks to their underlying concept.
This concept is about man trying to act like animals, realizing that they are happy, free, humble, loyal, children.
It's an inner test of human being focused on contradictions.


1. If I was a Bunny
"If I was a Bunny, or…” is the first book that was given to me at the age of one, it’s the first time I faced up the meaning of empathy. In each chapter the boy imagines to become something different (a cat, a tree, an astronaut, a rainbow, a ghost…) and it had an incredible power on me, even today…from that moment I introduce to the daily life and the interaction with the people: life is better if we understand our present

2. Proud like a Wolf
It represents will and inner strength by the figure of the wolf. The only way to gain and find happiness.

3. Ants do it better
It represents the Romantic Sehnsucht, the constant desire to achieve self-­‐realisation.

4. The best friend
Dedicated to a dog that accompained my life since the age of 15. I think everyone have their loved pet.

5. Genesis of the Transition – DEMO
The first song ever written for this project. The end of the beginning (Semptember-­‐ December 2013, when I came back home from work at the office…I quit as soon as the mix was finished). It was animal instinct too...

All songs are written, recorded and produced by Emilio Larocca Conte.

℗ 2015, Slow Wave Sleep
© SWS Corp. All rights reserved




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