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Opening the gates of the crystal cave

by Argyre Planitia

The Call 09:53
Cadaverine 08:26



released December 14, 2014

I started to learn synth programming and make sounds with them in 2011.

A synthesizer can sound like anything, that one has heard before ñ but itís real purpose is to create sounds, that no one has ever heard before.

One album and one film that changed my view on music drastically: the Pink Floyd film ìLive in Pompeiî and my first K. Schulze album ìTimewindî. Before that, I liked the music in the charts, after thatÖ

During the last years, I discovered the large field of dark ambient (raison díÍtre, Kammarheit, Phelios, Atrium Carceri, Lamia Vox, Bad Sector, SETI, Vestigial and many, many, many others) and got a lot of inspiration from it.

Some other music that I like: early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Can, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Tuxedomoon, The Velvet Underground, Nico, Dead Can Dance, Kirlian Camera, Brian Eno, The Legendary Pink Dots, Deine Lakaien, Diorama, PIL, Einst¸rzende Neubauten, Joy Division, In The Nursery, Brian Eno. Welle:Erdball, Portishead, Laurie Anderson, Recoil. And from time to time: gregorian chant.


I work mostly with software instruments, but that is not a philosophy, they just occupy less space.

NI Komplete: Absynth, Massive, Reaktor (Razor, Spark, Prism, Skanner), Kontakt (for the following Hollow Sun Instruments: SOTU, Cognosphere, Shangri-La, Triosc, Hexxon)

iOS Synths: Nave (Waldorf), Sunrizer (BeepStreet), The Droner (Julien Bayle), Filtatron (Moog Music), Cube Synth (VirSyn), Magellan (Yonac), Sunrizer (BeepStreet), The Droner (Julien Bayle), Filtatron (Moog Music), iSEM (Arturia), Mitosynth (Wooji Juice), iMS-20 (Korg)

Folktek: Illuminist Garden

Meng Qi: Sidrassi Qin

Mutable Instruments: Shruthi-1 (hybrid synthesizer)

Zoom H2 (field recorder) for recording ordinary things like household objects or the rolling waves of the sea, the records are then processed and mangled in Absynth, Nave or Mitosynth or wherever possible
Thanks to Red Fog (soundcloud.com/red-fog, redfog-drone.bandcamp.com) and to Sabine (beWITCHed) for giving me suggestions for naming two of the tracks and to C. Wojtysiak (www.live-transmission.de) for quality control.




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