Post Apocalyptic Flower Shop

by Intersonic Subformation




released February 2, 2015

Intersonic Subformation is a brand new abstract ambient project by Toronto-based producer Richard Lisaj. A full bio can be found on (website of Richard's other project).
This inaugural EP explores imaginary soundscape where life is reborn (although it never seized to exists in the first place) and voices inside Darkness keep colors alive, preventing cosmic chaos from dominating our new reality.
The four tracks on this EP are quite diverse when it comes to the arrangement and musical structure however similar texture can be heard in layered elements of ambient guitar work, carefully selected synths and samples, and saddled minimalistic drum and percussion loops.
As futile and pointless categorization of music into genres could be, it might be needed - for all the practical reasons. If (if!) one can imagine a common thread running through the work of Global Communication, Steve Roach, Aphex Twin and Tripswitch, then that could be as close as one could get to a successful attempt to describe the space which Intersonic Subformation makes its own.




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