Under Droning Skies

by Thoughtloop



released March 4, 2017

Thoughtloop is an ambient/drone/minimalist music project based in Madrid, run by Jorge García Martínez.
it's music consists basically in recorded, processed, looped and layered bits of electric string and key instruments, such as guitar, banjo, lap steel or synth.
Though purely instrumental, the basic themes the pieces reflect upon are introspective sensations and thoughts, inner peace and depression; observation of both nature and civilisation, and altered states of mind.
This music works best in a dark environment, with headphones or good stereo speakers, and at loud volumes. Altered states of conciousness, such as those achieved by meditation, sleep, or psychedelics, might enhance its effects.
After releasing Gray Landscapes in 2016, Under Droning Skies is Thoughtloop's second work. It is loosely based around the abstract concept of the sky.




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