by Wolfgrowl




released January 21, 2016

Composed primarily from field recordings made while on a tour through India and Nepal. These include recordings made at the Taj Mahal, while floating on the Ganges in Varanasi, and at Lumbini and Pokhara in Nepal.

Wolfgrowl, aka Andrew Morse, is an electronic music project which started in 2013 when Andrew went to South Korea for two years to teach English. The name Wolfgrowl is a combination of the titles of two K-pop songs which were popular when the project started. However, the reliance on electronics is about where the similarities between Wolfgrowl's music and K-pop end. Armed with only a midi keyboard and a Korean-brand Stratocaster knockoff, Wolfgrowl began life with a self-titled release of electro-rock. It was the only release to feature vocals. After this release, Andrew decided to create only instrumental music. Since then Wolfgrowl has released seven more albums to date, ranging from downtempo, IDM, and dub techno to dark ambient and experimental music utilizing field recordings. Currently, Andrew is back in the United States drifting somewhere between Oregon and California and keeping the Wolfgrowl name alive with new music. Wolfgrowl releases can be found on Bandcamp, Picpack Netlabel, No Scene Netlabel, and here at Petroglyph Music.




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